Pink Diamond Single Magic Ball Purple

Pink Diamond Single Magic Ball Purple

Pink Diamond Single Magic Ball Purple

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- Single dildo
- 2in1 sexercise toy, very easy to use and clean
- Fun for both female/male
- A New way of having fun

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Strongly made and effective

This is the third product of this type that I have bought from different manufacturers, having been very disappointed with the previous two items.

The Pink Diamond product is strongly made, inflates well and keeps its shape. The sex-toy is firmly integral with the inflatable ball and will not, unlike competitor products, become detached during play. The design is simple but rugged and will clearly stand up to repeated use.

Whether this product is of value to you depends on what you want from it, but it achieved what I bought it for. It's design is not ideal but it is by far the best thought-out product of its kind that I have found so far.

Anonymous - September 8 2015

To hard to do

I had such a problem balancing on this ball while trying to have the dong get inside, I couldn't concentrate on sexually enjoying myself one bit.

Anonymous - April 29 2015

Great exercise

What a workout and combined sexual pleasures you get from jumping around on this bouncy ball. My downstairs neighbors keeps asking me what I'm doing up there!

Anonymous - February 6 2015

What a workout

If you wanna combine your workout and masturbation sessions, get this fantastic bouncy ball to ride on. Builds up a sweat in minutes and makes you have super strong climaxes. Have to admit, you have to be in shape to enjoy it though

Anonymous - January 25 2015

Harder than it looks

I took one quick look at this awesome sex toy and just had to have it. But i should have thought twice about it and maybe read some more reviews, because this is much harder than it looks to ride. I've practiced and practiced, but can't get the balance and enjoying the penetration from the dong is next to impossible. I guess you have to be a rope dancing ballerina to conquer this one.

Anonymous - October 28 2014

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