Doctor Adventures

Doctor Adventures

Doctor Adventures

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Just what the Doctor ordered! Dr. Rachel Starr diagnosed Nick with having a bad case of stress and unrest! Determined to cure him, she knew the best thing to do was to use her tight body to suck and f*ck the stress away! Dr. Brooke Belle can`t treat Joe`s stomachache until the erection he got because of her goes down. The only thing she could do is ride that huge c*ck until it cums on her face! Moving up in the medical field, Nurse Claire Dames asks Dr. Slater for a letter of recommendation. She uses her huge boobs and tight p*ssy to ensure a good word. Dr. Devon Lee really believes she`s treating her favorite rockstar! She f*cks and sucks him hard like a good groupie would, except she stumbles on a case of mistaken identity! It`s a really busy day at Dr. August`s office and her patient won`t produce the sperm sample that she needs quick enough. She has no choice but to get her tight wet p*ssy involved!

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