Stranger Than Fiction

Stranger Than Fiction

Stranger Than Fiction

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At first glance Evelyn is just a shy, mid-level copyrighter at Wrightwood publishing. But behind the frumpy facade, Evelyn enjoys a new career as a break-out bestselling author under the pseudonym Maxine Powers - a secret she`s too shy to reveal. When handsome novelist Drew McClintock signs on as her company`s newest contract star, Evelyn knows that she must become someone else to win Drew`s affections. And thus Maxine Powers comes to life as Evelyn gives herself a complete makeover, and assumes a brand new persona as the mysterious and sexy writer. However, she doesn`t have everyone fooled, and a jealous coworker is out to reveal Maxine`s true identity and ruin both her career and her chance at love. Will Evelyn be able to keep her secret, or will her alter-ego Maxine ultimately be her demise?

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